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WAVES Plates, Cup, Saucer, Tea Cup, Creamer, Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, Bowl, Vase, Salt & Pepper Shaker, Toothpick Case, Oil, Vinegar, Sugar Packet Holder, Ashtray
PRISMA GOLD Sugar Pot, Tea Pot, Coffee Pot, Creamer, Butter Dish, Soup Plate, Dinner Plate, Buffet Plate, Cake Plate Salad Bowl, Shallow Platter, Soup Tureen, Coffee Cup, Saucer, tea Cup, Saucer, Consomme Cup, Saucer
CUSTOM Designs and decorations upon request
EcoFuel™ The Alternative Cooking Source for the 21st Century
EUROSTYL FORKS, Cocktail Fork, Salad/Pastry Fork, Dessert Fork, U.S. Size, Table Fork, Euro Style KNIVES, Fish Knife, S.H. Dessert Knife, S.H. Table Knife, S.H. Hvy., Sporkn, SPOONS, Oval/Dessert Spoon, Iced Teaspoon, Bouillon, Teaspoon, Euro Demitasse Spoon 
SPLENDENCE Forks, Knives, Spoons
PHOENIX Forks, Knives, Spoons
DUKE OF WINDSOR Forks, Knife, Spoons
DANIELLE Forks, Knife, Spoons
ISABELLA Forks, Knife, Spoons
EUROSTYL Coffee Pots, Water Pitcher, Teapots, Creamers and Sugar Bowls
VICTORIA Coffee Pots, Water Pitcher, Teapots, Creamers and Sugar Bowls
EMPEROR Coffee Pots, Water Pitcher, Teapots, Sugar Bowls, Creamers and Sauceboats
EMPRESS Coffee Pots, Water Pitcher, Insulated Pots, Teapots, Sugar Bowls, Creamers and Sauceboats, Salt & Pepper, Table Number Stand, Flower Vase, Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set, Condiment Server, Jam Pack Holder, Sugar Packette, Butter Dish, Crumb Scraper, Reserved Tent, Ice Pail, Plate Covers, Bread Ravier, Oyster Cooler, Soup Tureens, Supreme Dish, Ice Cream Dish, Oval Vegetable Dishes, BASKETS, Wine Cooler, Wine Basket, Ice Basket, Octagonal Basket, Napkin Ring, Oval Bread Basket, Octagonal Bread Basket, Sugar/Cracker Basket, Round Basket, TRAYS, Round Trays, Round Trays, Oblong Trays, Round Platters, Escargot Plate, Oyster Plate, Cash Tray/Candy Tray Oblong, Large Round Trays, Large Round Platters, Oblong Trays w/handles, Large Oval Platters, Oval Platters, Fish Platters, Round Meat Platter
EUROSTYL Chafing Dishes, Punch Bowl Set & Coffee Urn
VICTORIA Chafing Dishes, Soup Stations
DYNASTY Chafing Dishes, Coffee Urn
EMPRESS Chafing Dishes, Soup Stations, Soup Warmers, Coffee Urns, Punch Bowl, Punch Ladle, Soup Tureen, Bread Basket, Wine Cooler, Wine Stand, Ice Pail, Cake Stand, Ice Cream Stand, Parfait Stand, Compote Dish, Finger Bowl
COOKWARE & BAKEWARE AlumaSteel Professional Chef Series
DIMENSION SERIES A new look for a la minute presentations with Waterless Hot/Cold technology
SPECIALTY ITEMS Seafood Sporkn, Crumb Scraper


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