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DYNYNSTYL "Adding Value to the Table Top"

Customer expectation of the dining experience is based upon the value they receive. Value is heavily influenced during the dining experience by the table top. It is our goal to provide functional, durable and attractive products that enhance that dining experience. Each product area has been developed with increased features and benefits to control costs while complimenting the presentation. We did not quit with just the products! DynynStyl has developed systems for you to maintain these products. Our product care systems reduce replacement costs while maintaining a higher level of appearance. This adds up to a higher value that your customers will recognize and appreciate.
The hospitality environment makes greater demands on tabletop products than any other type of dining. The stress put on dinnerware, flatware, and holloware requires elements that reduce damage.
The false assumption is that all products are alike. A variety of grades and qualities create a confusing selection process. These specifications will provide a useful guide to selecting a functional and cost effective product.
(A) Fine Porcelain Ball Clay
(B) Double Firing
(C) Polished Foot
(D) Rolled Edge/Cord
(E) Leaf Angle
(F) Hi Fire Glaze
0% Porosity Higher Density
Full Vitrification Higher Second Fire
Hard Smooth Foot
Absorbs Impact
Reflects Impact
No Lead in Glaze
Increased Durability and Reduced Chipping
Stronger Body
Harder Glaze
Reduced Glaze Wear
Reduces Chipping
Reduces Chipping
Safe for Consumer Superior Glaze Wear
(A) Gauge/Weight
(B) Grading & Balance
(C) Base Metal
(D) Polishing
(E) Tining
Thicker and Heavier Designs
Tapered Thickness for Strength Even Distribution of Weight 
High Chromium Stainless
Seals the Surface Smooths Edges
Polishes Inside Tines
Reduced Bent Tines Higher Perceived Value
Resists Bending Increased Durability Comfort & Ease of Use
Higher Corrosion Resistance
Greatly Increases Corrosion Resistance Easier to Clean
More Sanitary
Reduces Corrosion
(A) Gauge Weight
(B) Anealing
(C) Welding
(D) Hinges
Thicker Body
Tempered for Strength
Double Welded Handles and Lids Argon Welded Spouts
Flared Pins
Double Welded
180 degree Opening
Reduced Dents
Greater Durability
Stronger Body Reduces Metal Fatigue
Withstands Abuse Higher Sanitation Greater Durability
Reduces Lost Hinges More Sanitary
Reduced Damage


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